About Svarna Realties

Svarna Realties is a professionally managed young real estate development group. The Team comprises of experienced real estate professionals. Our core values are transparent dealings, uncompromising quality, customer focus and strong process orientation. The Group is focused on enabling a quality lifestyle to the ever evolving and aspiring consumers. We seek to achieve reduction in cost and project timeline through process innovation and value engineering. Svarna Realties is currently in the process of launching high quality but affordable project in convenient location in Gorregaon east.


Mr. Raghu Poojari is a reputed Builder. He also has keen interest in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry. Originally from Mangalore, Mr. Poojari is based out of Mumbai for last 40 years. Mr. Poojari also runs many premium eateries across Mumbai


Mr. Tiwari is a reputed Builder. He was one of the most reputed Criminal Lawyers in Mumbai during 80s and 90s. He was also head of advocates union. Mr. Tiwari is a B.A. LLB from Allahabad University. 1n 1990 he left practicing law and became a developer using his keen knowledge of land and land related issues. Since then he has developed numerous properties in Andheri, Goregaon and Yogeshwari. Mr. Tiwari is very well known for his Philanthropic nature

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